Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Best Twilight Party Ever!

Let me just start off by saying you will never see a Twilight Party better than this one. This was the Best Twilight Party EVER!!

My friend and I being the true Twilight Fans that we are had an idea a couple of months ago of getting some girlfriends together and having a Twilight Movie Night. One thing led to another and this thing just ended up exploding into a full blown Twilight Party Extravaganza. We have literally worked on this party for weeks and weeks.
Our Invitation that we sent out.

We made this a Black, White & Red semi-formal event to make the evening especially dazzling.
Our Entrance to the "Cullen House." We were really happy with the way this turned out. Its exactly how we had imagined it minus the carved out apples that we were going to put tea lights in. It was just too windy for that.Here are the signs on the door. Too cute. Right?
When you walked in the first thing to see was our Twilight Tribute to each Book. Each Shelf had the book, a symbol for the book and a quote.
Our Twilight and New Moon Tribute.
Our Tribute to Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.Our Tribute to Edward and Bella for just being Edward and Bella.
We had Raviolis that night with bread sticks inspired from Edward and Bellas first non official date. I made a RED VELVET wedding cake for Edward and Bella.
My friends hubby went to Bella Winery and picked up a couple bottles of Bella Wine for our Party. We had Baseball Salt and Pepper Shakers because this was one of the best scenes of the movie.This was our Fondue Table. I used the wrong chocolate for the fondue so it wasn't exactly as elegant as I thought it was going to be. Still tasted good though.

Our T-shirt wall. We also had a T-shirt Pole but didn't get a pic of it.

Our Special Pose for Edward. We both look a little awkward but we were Edward's Bella's for the night.

Lindsey made this AMAZING Twilight Jeopardy Game.
We had 3 different Teams. The team names that our friends came up with were Pattinson Power, The Forkers & The Bloodsuckers .
My friend was the game show host.

 Our Prize Basket for the winning Team.
I filled the basket with items that represented things from the Twilight Saga books and then attached quotes to go with each item.
A few examples of the quotes
Eclipse Gum - “The clouds I can handle. But I can’t fight with an eclipse.” - Jacob
Dollar Store Eternity Perfume - "I promise to love you everyday of forever - Every single day of forever.” -Edward
A Baseball - “ Vampires like baseball?”- Bella
Hot & Cold Icepack - "Fire and ice, somehow existing together without destroying each other. More proof that I belonged with him.”- Bella
A doll - “Her tiny face was so absolutely perfect that it stunned me. She was even more beautiful than her father. Unbelievable. Impossible.” -Bella
We didn't end up getting a group photo but we did get this photo of everyones shoes.We ended our evening with of course the movie Twilight.
Before everyone left they received a Twilight Favor. Which was especially made by friend.
Didn't she make them look so cute. Each CD had the Twilight Soundtrack and also non other than the beautiful Rob Pattinson Songs.
Now that our party is over this is what we all have to look forward to. The countdown till New Moon.