Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Bridal Shower Brunch

My really good friend is getting married in a couple of weeks. I cant believe the day is almost here. Being the Matron of Honor of course I needed to throw her a bridal shower and for her, I wanted to make it fabulous! I decided to do a Bridal Shower Brunch.
I wanted to share it with you all not to toot my own horn but it really did turn out so nice and cute. I was really impressed with myself. Okay yea.....its to toot my own horn. LOL

The past few days the weather man has been teasing me saying it was going to rain. I didn't have a plan B and we were eating outside. Luckily God was on my side and the weather was beautiful. Perfect!

Here was out outside view

The table scape.Table setting.

I didn't have enough hanging lanterns so I got this idea from the Martha Stewart's website and made these pom poms for the center of the tents.
The favors. These were part of the table scape but the guest also got to take them home as favors. I saw this idea one time at a dentist office of all places and decided to make them. They are pens covered in floral tape and put in a pot of black beans (dirt). I also made little favor tags that said "Christi's Bridal Shower."
I made the cake to be a bride. I really liked the way it turned out. I know I know the bride is blonde but that didn't even cross my mind when I bought her. Oh well. She's still a bride right?
There was a lot of yummy food at the brunch. Everyone loved scarfing it down.
I made this banner for Christi and Barry. I liked the way it turned out too.
Yummy food. Notice the juices even had the color scheme going on. Can you tell Christi's wedding colors are pink and orange.We played fun games at the shower. Including Bridal Bingo and The Newlywed Game. For the Newlywed game I video taped and interviewed Barry. The questions were all about Christi. It was definitely the favorite game.
All and all it was good times. I am so blessed to have a friend like Christi and seeing her as happy as she is makes me so excited for her. I such a blast doing this party but most importantly I wanted to make this special for her and I'm glad it was. She deserves it!