Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Teacher Appreciation

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week. I wanted to do something for Big Guy's teacher. She is such a wonderful teacher and does a great job with the kids.
I found this idea and thought it was super cute. Something she could do with the kids everyday. I went out and bought a pill organizer thing. I forget what they are called. Anyway I printed up 7 different little sayings that played on certain words and then stuffed them into the pill box. Each day she opened it in front of the class. She loved it and said the kids also had a great time finding out what treasure she was going to get each day. Simple and sweet.
At the end of the week I also gave her some biscotti. She had been asking me for a recipe that I had for biscotti but I kept forgetting to give it to her. So I decided to make her a batch with the recipe attached. I kept a few for myself too. Well maybe a little more than a few but hey I'm technically a "teacher" too. Can I just say YUMMO!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Army Cake

 My nephew was having an Army Themed Birthday. I was asked to do the cake. This is was a came up with. It was simple and to the point.