Saturday, February 5, 2011

Monster Birthday Party

A Monster Party! This is what Monkey wanted for his birthday party this year.I thought it was a cute idea and was excited to get started. Although it seems like the inevitable happened again. My kids pick these random parties that stores don't sell decorations for. Which in turn means I have to try and come up with something. I enjoy the challenge. Sometimes :)

This was the invitation I made.

Monkey wanted to pose with his monster shirt I made him just for the party.

Monkey's birthday banner.

Most of the decorations came from the dollar store combined with the fabric store. These were little hanging monsters that I made out of foam balls and covered them with felt.The decorations were pretty simple. I didn't have much of a imagination for this party. I was going to just do mainly streamers and balloons but then a couple of days before the party these popped in my mind while we were eating dinner on paper plates.

I had a ton of felt leftover from the monster balls so I decided to cover paper plates with felt and make different faces on them. Then tape them to the cabinets and walls. They turned out kinda funny.I looked everywhere for a "pin the eyeball on the monster" game but had no luck. I ended up painting this guy and then just cut out a bunch of eyeballs and called it a day. I am no artist so luckily this guy was really simple to paint.
I forgot to get a picture of the table scape but I did take this picture before hand. These were again from the dollar store. They are dusters which I glued some felt eyeballs and mouths to. Wa-la....Monsters!This was the cake. I thought this was going to be the easiest cake ever to make. I mean really. How could I go wrong? Well, I decided to use cool whip for the frosting to make it extra easy. Uh...big mistake! Note to whip melts almost instantly with food coloring in it. It was horrible. I ended up scraping all the cool whip off the next morning and covered the cake with a pudding frosting. Thank goodness for Dream whip!I honestly had no creativity for the garage. I just couldn't think of what to do. So there really wasn't any decorations. I did manage to set up a little "Monster Craft" area. I cut a bunch of shapes out and the kids made monster after monster. Too Cute! Here are a few of the monsters that the kids made.

One of the games we played was of course....Pin the Eyeball on the Monster! Instead of using a blindfold we used monster eyeballs. This was hilarious on the kids.

When it was time for the kids to leave they all got one of these. Their very own stuffed Monster with a mini coloring book. I tried to make all of them different so that no one had the same one.

This was the one that Monkey wanted.After everyone left the cousins stayed and hung out a little longer.

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