Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leprechaun Trap

Its that time of year again!
Monkey's class had to make some leprechaun traps for St Patricks day. The leprechaun's always seem to come out this time of year and make a mess in the classrooms.
Monkey was determined to catch one. We weren't sure what we were going to do but then we got this idea of a leprechaun falling into a shoe. Perfect! And most importantly, easy!
Monkey got to work. He went in the backyard and found the perfect sticks for the ladder.

He wanted a rainbow on his trap to lure the leprechaun in. We decided to make one come out of the shoe. He added some cotton balls and jewels and....

Ta-Da! A leprechaun trap!

Monkey's teacher had asked me for some ideas on what to do with the class. I found this one idea on Pinterest and thought it was perfect. The leprechaun left a note for the kids saying sorry for the all the mischief he had caused this week and left each child a "shiny lucky penny."
Umm....I went to 5 banks trying to find brand new pennies and apparently they don't have them? Weird, I know. So basically I had to shine all of them MYSELF!

Monkey loved his lucky penny.

Now back to the leprechaun traps. As we were working on Luke's, we all started laughing at the progression of the kids Kindergarten traps.
This was Lola's trap. We obviously had no idea what to do and when we brought it to school we noticed that apparently we were the only ones that had that problem. All the other traps were big and amazing. Poor girl. I still don't even know how this was suppose to catch a leprechaun.

Big Guy's trap got a better. We knew we had to really think about how the leprechaun was going to get trapped. The trap door on top was perfect! Big Guy made the ladder, rainbow and told me where to put the glue so he could place on the stones and felt where it needed to go.

And then there is Monkey's. See the progression.
This week Bear actually decided to make a new trap. A few years late but at least its to her liking now.
Thank goodness we never have to do this again!

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