Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Big Reveal

I am finally getting around to writing about my room makeover. My Love and the boys went to the Father and son retreat that our church does and while he was gone I decided to makeover our room. I recruited my bear, my sis-n-law and my bro-n-law to help with painting and hardware stuff.
We have lived in this house for 8 years and never done anything with it.
I wish I would have taken some before and after pics but nope I forgot. Although I did find a few random pics that had our room in them.
This is what the room looked like when we first moved in.

And now this is our room! I love it and so does my love! 
The bedspread is handmade. I really wanted the Anthropologie rosette bedding but it was going to cost me around $400. Sooo I decided to make a mock bedspread. Mine? Well, it was a $56. Yes, I will brag about that. ;)
I didn't get a great shot of the curtains but aren't they so cute? I could find anything I liked but then I saw these table cloths at Target and fell in love with them. I know they would be perfect so I made them into curtains.
 I used the shams from my last bedspread and made some pillows from some fabric that I liked. The yellow pillow is actually an old place mat that I had but it matched the curtains perfectly that I decided to convert it into a pillow. I just made a flower for it and wa-la!
The frames are all frames I had or bought at a thrift store or given to me. I also found the letters at the craft store on clearance for $1! I love that our room is all about me and my love. Even the pictures are only us. Its our little romantic haven. No kids or kid pictures allowed. Okay they can come in our room but that's it. Hey, its the only room in the house thats just us. Thats fair right?
I bought some molding and my bro-n-law framed it for our bathroom mirror. My sis-n-law being the electrician that she is changed out our ugly 1982 light fixture.
I spray painted this stuff. I wanted to create some wall art so I just put some scrap paper in these frames.

I saw some cute Anthropoligie vases that I loved. They had flowers attached to them. I tried to recreate them with these thrift store vases. I saw an idea (on pinterest of course) of adding paint to clear vases. It worked great. I then just made a silk flower with silk and fire and glued it to the vase.
This is my favorite part of the room. I love this verse because it reminds me of my hubby. Its exactly how I feel about my love. He made a plaque for me so that I could put this verse in it. I love the way the plaque came out. It was a little smaller than I thought it was going to be so I just painted a frame around it. Perfect!

Lola painted our old lamps for me so that they would match our room.

And that's it! Finally it's done. Its so nice not having our room be the eye sore in our house anymore.

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