Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ikea Makeover

So guess what?! I went to IKEA for the first time this weekend! My Love and I just decided to have an IKA date. It was super fun too. So many things to look at.

We weren't going to IKEA for anything special but then I saw these. They are trash baskets.

I have been looking for new wall pockets for a while. I made these a while back for the kids. Its a place for them to put all their school papers and homework folders in. I got so tired of them all over the counter. 

I really liked this system. It was working great but every time we opened the refrigerator we seem to open it a little too wide and they were getting cracked and busted up.

So out with the old. 
And in with the new. Thanks IKEA. I just hung them on the wall but leaving the top part empty I laminated some scrap paper with the kids names on it and placed it on the top of each trash can. These ones are so much more roomier for the kids to put all their paperwork, folders and even books in.

Another special find was these cork trivets. They were super cheap and I had been looking for something that was a circle just about this big too. It was for Bear's Runway birthday party. I saw these and knew they would be perfect. 

And they were. They made perfect giant buttons. Here's a little sneak peak of Bear's birthday party.

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