Monday, August 29, 2011

Project Runway Birthday Party

Bear had her birthday party a few weeks ago. Since she loves to design clothes she knew she wanted to have something with a design theme. Finally it was decided. 

First off we had to make the invites. I decided to try and make a magazine cover. This is what I came up with.
The Front

The back

 As usual there was a lot of prep involved. First I started off with the traditional birthday banner. But this time I made the banner look like a bunch of little dresses. You can't see it that well but this banner says "____'S YEARLY FASHIONS." Then above it I put a picture of ages 1year through 10 years above it. This was her decade birthday and I wanted to make it special.

For the rest of the decor I bought different kinds of fabrics and cut out a bunch of poster board templates and then covered them with  the fabric. Then stuck the dresses on the walls as well as cut some circles out of paper to look like buttons.

My Love and I had just went to IKEA and found some cork trivets that I ended up painting to look like giant buttons too.

A little more fun miscellaneous decorations included these marshmallow treats that my mom made. The girls loved them.

My mom also made these cute little waters to go with the party. 

I had the invitation blown up at Kinko's for $2 and put one of Bear's designs next to it.

This year for the cake I was going to try and attempt to make a 3D dress form but didn't want to mess with fondant so I opted for a runway.

The entire table scape.

And of course we couldn't have a Project Runway Birthday without a runway. With some staging from our church, a couple of tents and some sheets. Wa- la we had a runway.  

This is the welcome sign that the guest saw when they arrived at the party sign.

When all the guest arrived we started out with our first thing on the agenda. Bear has never been fond of games at parties. She is more of a craft girl. So for the craft I tried to find a no sew project. I wanted to stay with the design them. We ended up making some no sew totes. The whole tote is made out of knots.

After the totes were done each of the girls did do a little sewing. I had them make a felt flower and sew a button on it. This was Bear's finished tote. Cute right? Just 3 knots!

After the totes were made came the Project Runway Challenge. It was soooo much fun. Each of the girls were handed a bag

Each bag was filled with these exact same supplies. I also had a "community" bin that was filled with high heels, different colored duck tape and a few other supplies that anyone could use.
After each designer had their bag they were told that they had 35 minutes to design an outfit that they had to model down the runway. Luckily some of the high school girls from our youth group stopped by and helped the girls. Each of them designed their own outfit.

My Love was the host of the fashion show. He did great.

Bear started the show off with her design and her trademark pose.

 The designers all modeling their designs.

 Then it was time for the guest to leave each of the girls got one of these cookies that I tried to make look like dresses.

We attached them to some design kit things that we had gotten from the dollar store wrapped in fabric. Bear also designed a hair clip for each of the girls and attached it to the favor. They also of course took home their homemade purses as the part of the favors.


  1. really cute I love the project runway competition. Do you have directions or a link to how you made the no sew totes. That looks perfect for my girl scout troop. Thanks

  2. Here is the link to the totes that we made

  3. Love the party, very cute. I am planning a similar party. I want to use a magazine cover photo as a souvenir for the model of their "runway" appearance. Did you use a program, template or website for the invitation?

    1. I did them myself through Photoshop

  4. Would you mind sharing how you created the runway? I would love to know how so that I could ask my husband to make one. He is concerned it would be quite pricey. I would love any tips or tricks.

    1. Actually the runway floor was borrowed staging. We just put the 3 pieces together so it would look like a runway.

  5. Hi, I want to have a project runway Party myself, I was just wondering if you had templates for the labels on the water bottles, and the sign that says: Welcome to ----'s Runway Party ?? Thanks xx

    1. Sorry I just got this. My mom actually made the water bottle signs and I made the welcome sign.