Monday, September 12, 2011

Before and After

A while back I was driving home and saw a "FREE" sign on something on the sidewalk. I always get a little excited when I see signs that say "FREE." Usually its junk but this time it wasn't. At least it wasn't to me.
Actually there was 3 of them that were sitting out on the street. I'm thinking they were shelves but I didn't quite know. Anyway I told my Love about them and he went and picked them up for me.

I didn't end up using them right away for what I had planned (which I will get to) but I did make good use out of them while they were sitting in my garage. I used them for each of the kids birthday parties. First for Bear's 50's party. A record display and jukebox stand. 

For Big Guy's Lego Party they were made into giant Lego's.

And for Monkey's Monster party I used one of them for pin the eyeball on the monster.

So hey, I didn't get to my project right away but I did make good use out of them. Okay back to my great plan for these things.
I had mymy Love take off the random diagonal board on the back and nail a backing to them. He sanded them down for me and I primed and painted them. Pretty soon these..... 

Turned into these. Wa-La.....Lockers for the kids. Are you as excited as me? I have been wanting to have some sort of place for the kids to put all their backpacks and sweatshirts after school and knew these would be perfect. I love the way they turned out.

 Not sure what the fourth one will be for. Right now the kids say its daddy's locker.

The kids are lovin' them too. Everyday they come home to this sign that I made.

And within a few minutes I see this.

Goodbye to backpacks and sweatshirts on the floor! Hello to a very happy mommy.

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