Monday, October 10, 2011

Money Jars

 I know this looks like scrap wood and a jar but it does make something neat. My Love and I have been wanting the kids to have money jars for a while. A visual for them to understand money more. We want them to have a good concept of money. Why not start at a young age? I saw an idea online at "Bits of Everything" website and went with it. All I needed to do was make a crate for the jars.

 They each have 1 jar for GIVING. They put 10% of their money in this jar. We have explained to the kids that everything we have is because of God. He is the one who has blessed us with what we have and we should want to give back to him. They were all happy to do this. Our church is trying to raise money for the youth building right now so they love that they are able to contribute to that.

The second jar is their SAVINGS jar. They each decided if they wanted to put 40% or 50% in this jar. This jar is for obviously savings or if they ever want to save up for something. 

The remainder of their money went into the SPENDING jar. This is probably their favorite. jar.

I'm so glad this little system has been working and the kids are willing to do it. Its so nice that they are learning to make good choices regarding their money at such a young age.

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